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7 fundamental lessons in the art of filmmaking

Whether You are a beginner or a professional film maker, you really need to know the basics which are really essential for learning the most beautiful craft in the world that is Film Making

Do you want to make your career as a filmmaker? Are you looking for ways and means to earn a reputation in the world of glamour and colors? You would have learned about different approaches and concepts about the industry. You do not need an excellent and expensive camera, skilled caste, and opportunities. You need to face the facts and learn some basic things about filmmaking. In this article, I shall give you some of the best information, tips, and innovative idea to succeed in the industry and make your reputation as a seasoned director.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced filmmaker, you need to follow these guidelines. Here is a treasure that you will not find anywhere else.


A screenplay is a framework on which the film depends. If the screenplay is not powerful enough then no one can save your film. In this video few tips are defined that will help you to improve your screenplay.

Different shot types

For film making, you should know how to take an engaging and amazing shot to attract the audience. It is the primer of the art of framing. You need to understand the different types of shots you need to capture. It would help if you also had an insight into different terms related to shots such as long shot, medium shot, and close-up shot. Here is all about these basics. In this tutorial, you will understand it better.

White balance

I shall tell you how about some camera tricks for better composition. The concept of white balance is somewhat tricky, and it may often frustrate you. No worry, here in this tutorial you will find a full breakdown. You will have an insight into color theory.

Knowledge of F- stops

Do you understand the depth of the field? Here is a crash course of F-stops, which has its place in filmmaking. You will learn about creative motivations which may lead you to explore the depth and width of filmmaking. Here is all the concept of F-stops.

Audio recording

No one can deny the importance of audio along with the visual effects. This tutorial may teach you this make or break aspect of filmmaking. A fantastic sound may lead your film to attract more audience, so do not minimize the importance of this lesson.

Basics of Sound Recording

An audience may sit through poor picture quality, but they will rarely tolerate poor sound. It is more than 50 percent of your project. 

Crew administration

Film making is a collaborative Endeavour. It would help if you had a crew to perform different tasks. But how to organize this force? For an excellent production, you should know it, and this tutorial will let you learn the art of crew and caste administration. So don’t learn it here.

Video editing

In this tutorial, you may learn the basics of the last thing and a sensitive aspect of film production. You will learn how to use DaVinci Resolve NLE to make your film a fantastic masterpiece of art. You get an insight into basic knowledge and sensitivities which you may use for your future productions.

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