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CineGradeX Powergrade


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Tell an entire story using RawFilm
stunning stock footage. Feel empowered
to communicate visually exactly as you
envisage, with high-quality collections
of clips that are effortless to fit
with your footage.

Game-Changing Color Grading Tool

CinegradeX PowerGrade gives your footage the look of a film print, with accurate colors and rich blacks. It gives DaVinci Resolve users the ability to emulate film stock without having to go through the costly and time-consuming process of printing to film.

With CinegradeX powergrade, users can expect a film print emulation for DaVinci Resolve. This product is designed to grade your footage to look like it was shot on film, giving you a classic look without the hassle or expense of using actual film stock.

This film stock emulation is achieved through the use of advanced image processing algorithms that adjust your video’s color, tone, and contrast to match that of real film stock.

Control Each & Every Aspect

Powergrades are better than LUTs because you get total creative freedom with them – no need to compromise on looks! Plus, with PowerGrades you can customize each and every detail for the perfect look. With LUTs, you’re still limited in what you can do – but they’re an addition to powergrades that give even more control and flexibility over your images.

What Makes CinegradeX PowerGrade Unique?


Halation is a characteristic of celluloid film when a bright light bounces back a few times exposing the film a second time only affecting the red layer (and a bit of the green layer) of the film resulting in a reddish/orange glow. The Halation tint may be different based on white balance adjustments / color grading.

Film Grain & Dust

A wide assortment of 16MM Real Film Grain scans is included Coarse, Color, Rough, Fine, and Medium. 16MM Film grain adds a more dramatic aesthetic to your film footage, lending a more authentic look to each shot. Film Emulation is incomplete without the 16MM Film grain.

Color Density

It helps you to generate deep, rich saturated colors that blend well with the surrounding muted colors. It gives you scene-dense colors for RED, BLUE, and GREEN. It’s our secret sauce developed by our team to create an impactful cinematic look. These Power Grades enable you to create film-aesthetic colors that are only possible with Real Film stock.

15 | CinegradeX PowerGrade

Negative-Film Print Emulation LUTs

28 Film Emulation LUTs which accurately replicate the color and tones of popular film stocks like Kodak Vision, Kodak Vision2, Kodak Vision3 & Fujifilm Eterna. These LUTs can be used to give your footage a film-like look without having to go through the hassle and expense of shooting on actual film.

*All these frames are graded using CinegradeX PowerGrade + 28 Film Stock Emulation LUTs

Seriously Impressive Specs

CinegradeX PowerGrade is fully compatible with DaVinci Resolve 17.4  & above versions. It includes .CUBE, .MOV & DPX files compatible with any resolution.


HD | 4K

File Type


Package Size

186 MB

What is Included?


All our products are compatible

with Windows/Mac/Linux

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CinegradeX Powergrade


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Customers reviews

What people say about CinematicX LUTs?


CinegradeX PowerGrade emulates Kodak 2383 Film stock so it give your digitally shot footage look like it was filmed on film camera. It’s fully controlable. You can use it to add a classic film look to any digital footage. 

It also comes with 28 Kodak & FujiFilm Emulation LUTs, which will give your footage the look and feel of real film. With CinegradeX PowerGrade, you can grade your footage to match the aesthetic of any film stock, and create stunning, cinematic images.

In DaVinci Resolve, power grades are simply saved looks. A power grade includes the node structure that was used to create the profile. Powergrades are customizable and non-destructive for the dynamic range. If you apply a power grade to an image, you can see the complete node structure and then adjust every parameter of a node. Powergrades provide the most flexibility.

By imitating film print, the Film Print emulation function generates a Film Print likeness of the target Film Stock. It generates a series of carefully detail-oriented grading nodes that entirely replicate the complete chemical reactions a film undergoes, giving a very clear post-print film stock look to the digitally shot videos.

DaVinci Resolve lets you create multiple nodes, each node containing one or more edits that alter the image. Because of the configuration of nodes, you can precisely control the order in which operations are performed, providing many benefits. Nodes can be configured to be universally connected to each other.

The CinematicX Color Grading LUTs pack includes the tutorial which will help you out in installing & using them.

It’s because of the missing files. Make sure you first Import the Film Grain provided in the pack and add them to the media pool as background matte.

As you click the download button, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page for the payment procedure. After the payment is done, the CinematicX Color Grading LUT pack will get delivered to your E-mail address within a few seconds. 

NOTE: – You will be given 72 hours to download the pack after which the link will get expired. However, if you couldn’t download the pack within 72 hours for any reason, you can always contact us via Email & we will renew the download link immediately.

You can choose how you wish to co-operate with PowerGrades, as everything is under your supervision. You can see exactly what is being performed in each node, and you can make adjustments as needed. You can turn every node off and on, alter the intensity of each one, and change any value of every node as you see fit.

With a LUT, all the attributes are created into a solitary curve. You can modify the intensity of a LUT, and there are a number of strategies on how to deconstruct a LUT to a point. But never completely. A LUT may have math inside which can create their own look, which cannot be achieved with a PowerGrade. A LUT is not better or worse than a PowerGrade. It’s just another option.

335 Cinematic LUTs inspired by Hollywood Movies .zip file.

How to use & install the CinematicX Color Grading LUTs tutorial guide?

License Agreement

Yes, it does. Actually CinematicX Color Grading LUTs work on any platform be it Windows/MAC/Linux that supports DaVinci Resolve software.

All of the cameras supported by the DaVinci Resolve’s Color Space Transform are supported.

CinegradeX PowerGrade works with LOG as well as REC709 footage. It’s just that you have to 

There is no need to pre-color your footage before applying the LUTs as long as you’ve exposed your footage well, and your white balance was set correctly. That said, if you do have any problems with contrast or color balance, we recommend fixing those specific issues first, and then applying the LUT. Every creative LUT will always deliver best results when applied to neutral footage that is well balanced.

Because our CinematicX Color Grading LUTs are digital downloads, we have no way of taking back the files once you purchase them. For that reason,we can not issue refunds – However, we are always happy to help & answer any creative or technical questions to ensure your process is as seamless as possible. Just e-mail us anytime at

And if by mistake you purchase multiple quanity of our products, no refunds will be made

There can be certain reasons – 

  1. You might have entered the wrong E-mail Address.
  2. Your payment might have been put on hold by Paypal.

But don’t worry at all. You can always reach out to us via 24/7 available chat support or E-mail us at

We only renew the download link within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

If your download link has expired & it has been more than 30 days then you have to repurchase the pack. However, if you have downloaded our Resolve Master Pack then you get lifetime free updates & unlimited link renewals.

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