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How to import PowerGrade in DaVinci Resolve?

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Powergrades in DaVinci Resolve are basically stored looks that you can quickly apply to any shot at any time. PowerGrade in DaVinci Resolve comprises of a single or group of nodes. Powergrades are frequently pre-made vignettes, emulation of film stocks, or unique ‘film legacy’ appearances like cross processing, super 8 film bleach bypass, etc. that save time.

How to Save a Powergrade in Resolve?

The beneficial thing about Powergrades is that they are easy to use, and easily shared, both digitally and offline. In order to save your Powergrade initially select the grade you wish to capture just by clicking on the still in the viewer and selecting ‘Grab Still’.

This adds the still into the Gallery. Here you can rename it as well as organize it into a specific folder if you have several saved grades.

Export a Powergrade in DaVinci Resolve

Pick the grade in the Gallery with the right mouse click, then select Export to export a PowerGrade from DaVinci Resolve. Give it a name, select your preferred file type, and then click Export.

Import a Powergrade into DaVinci Resolve

Installing a Powergrade in DaVinci Resolve is quite simple. Simply save a DRX file to your PC, which is what Resolve creates to retain the grade metadata. Simply right-click and select “Import” in Resolve’s Powergrade area of the Gallery page (or in the gallery section in the middle of the Color page).

Now, go to your .DRX file (and perhaps an accompanying still image), select it, and you’re finished. You just imported a powergrade into DaVinci Resolve.

To apply the grade to your shot, simply right-click the PowerGrade & then click on Apply Grade.  This will add PowerGrade to your footage.

Download CinegradeX 2383 Film Stock Emulation PowerGrade

CinegradeX PowerGrade gives your footage the look of a film print, with accurate colors and rich blacks. It gives DaVinci Resolve users the ability to emulate film stock without having to go through the costly and time-consuming process of printing to film.

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